Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chenille Burpcloths, washcloths and oneside to match!

One of my favorite things to make are baby gifts!!  My sister in law had a little girl this past week named Ella.  Such a sweet name.  I made her a chenille burpcloth, a few washcloths and a matching onesie of course!

You can read about how to do the applique and embroidery in a previous post here

I just recently learned how to make these chenille burpcloths and washcloths.  I didn't use the standard measurements.  I actually made these for a few different people so I measured the fabric and figured out how I could get the most out of the yard.  Chenille is a little pricey so I didn't want to waste any.  I actually used an excel spreadsheet to figure out the dimensions!  ha!

First, cut out your pieces.  One way to make sure your pieces match up perfectly is to use the floral piece face down on the chenille fabric and cut using the first as a pattern.  I unfortunately did not use this technique and my pieces didn't match up perfectly.

Sew three edges and an inch or so on either side of the fourth edge.  Flip inside out and sew around the entire edge.  This makes the edges lay nicer.

Voila!  So super easy and so cute!  It took me one day of naps to finish all of it and clean up!  Not too bad!

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  1. this is just so pretty, I wish I had cloths like that when mine were babies