About Me

I am so blessed! A wife to a fabulous husband and a mother to a 10 month old boy. I have a passion to serve Christ in all that I do. I am constantly reminded of my inability to simply live life without the grace of my Savior.

I am a stay at home mom learning to live life on a budget. Crafting is the way I relax and make my home a safe haven for my family.  I started this blog to keep track of my projects and hopefully share some inspiration with you!  This blog is all about the extras in life that simply make life sweeter - a good recipe, a lovely project.  I believe that a home should be a place you are proud to come home to, but doesn't have to break the bank in the process!

I've learned that when you have a newborn a simple shower seems like a day at the spa, a tidy home is a boring home, and life is simply sweeter with chocolate!