Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Frog Applique and Embroidered Shirt and Onesie

I am a huge fan of Paisley Park on facebook!  I have not idea how I heard of them.  I think a friend of a friend of a friend.  Ha!  Either way they make really cute things!  All of their items have a very frayed worn look which I really like.  I'd never done that on any applique so I thought I would give it a try!

I bought this fabric a long time ago at Walmart, but thought it would be so cute for applique!  I love buying fabric with big patterns. It saves a little bit of time since you don't have to find a pattern and trace it it's already on the fabric!

You can read about how I did the applique here.  The only thing I did differently this time was to make the Steam a Seam about a quarter inch smaller so the fabric would fray.

I also straight stitched in about a 1/2 in in and then another one slightly inside the other for added support.

Learning to embroider on onesie's was a feat in itself!  It is definitely not the easiest fabric to learn on, but I finally figured out what worked for me.  You can read about the stabilizers I use here

I flipped in inside out to wash it, but I really think it would have been fine the other way too!  I clipped off the extra threads where the material had frayed.  And then I made anther little onesie just because you can never have too many!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nap Mat Tutorial!

The little man starts preschool this week!!!  Can not believe it!  So (not getting it done any too early) I finished his nap mat today!

I found this great tutorial!  Thank you Jenny Garland!!  Isn't hers so cute??

I found many tutorials online but hers is layed out in a nice PDF and very easy to follow.  I won't do a step by step since she's done such a great job, but here are the basic steps.

Cut out your fabric.  I actually purchased a KinderMat from Walmart so I adjusted the size of the fabric to work with the pre-made mat.

Follow the instructions and sew the button tabs.  Thankfully my machine came with a button foot.  This amazes me every time I use it!

I used a polyester embroidery thread because it's a little shinier and I think it looks better.

Sew everything together following the directions. For the top 36x36 blanket I used a knit fabric instead of the minky dots. 

I also made the blanket reversible and added some jumbo buttons!

The little man loves it!  He even puts the strap over his shoulder to carry it!  haha  It's so sweet!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blanket Basket

Love this idea from Thirfy Decor Chick!  Here is a picture of her blanket basket in her living room. So cute!

I have an antique pie cabinet in our living room. It's where I store all of my scrapbooking things etc. 

I thought it needed a few new decorations and I'm always needed extra storage space in my linen closet!

I found the chalk board at Michaels for a few bucks and everything else I had!  Love it!