Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sewing the Mother of all Pillows!

Remember 3 months ago when I did the couch revamp??  I FINALLY finished the chair that matches!! 

This chair had been tormenting me for 3 long months....

That is one BIG pillow!  It's larger at the top than the bottom, has curved corners at the top.  It was a beast.

Here's how I conquered it:

Took out all the stuffing.  Yes, all 3 trashbags full!

Layed out my fabric and traced my pattern using the old pillow as my guide.


Sewed all but a little space to fill her up!

Stuffed, stuffed and stuffed some more!

 Easy peasy!!!

What about you - do you have a beast of a pillow you'd like to conquer???  Go for it!!  It's probably easier than you think!

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