Friday, December 24, 2010

Tissue Paper Flowers and Mason Jars

I am visiting the wonderful city of Hesston, KS.  It has been so nice to spend time with family and enjoy this Christmas.  There has been LOTS of cooking going on!  Here I am carving the turkey!

For anyone who is near Hesston, KS I found some great buys at their Et Cetera second hand shop!  It is such a cute little shop!  I spent less than $10 and found some great items I will be working on over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for some awesome revamps!!!!  I am super pumped about them!!

For now I wanted to share a great inexpensive gift idea!  My very creative Grandmother gave these out to each of her grandkids this year and I just had to share!

These are mason jars filled with peppernuts!! Aren't they SO cute????  My Grandma made them, so I don't have any other pictures, but I just had to share this idea!

How to:

Fill a mason jar with your favorite candy, hot cocoa or hot cider mix.  Close lid. 
Layer 10 pieces of tissue paper and cut a circle large enough to cover the top of the lid plus 1 inch for the "flower" effect.
Place tissue on top of jar and hold in place with a rubber band.
Pull tissue paper apart to fluff the flowers.
Cover rubber band with jute or other ribbon and add your tag!

I love the idea of three of them together delivered in a cute little box!  It reminds me of a window box filled with flowers.

So brilliant!  Thanks Grandma for this great idea!

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