Monday, February 7, 2011

Add a Tray!

This little tray fell victim during my January organization frenzy (and making room for my new corningware).  It was either goodwill it, stick it in a closet or attic so I could never find it, or re-purpose it.  It's such a cute tray, so I decided it was definitely something I needed to find a new home for!

Here is the before:

Primed it, then painted with a few coats of this great stuff in my current fav color: Green Apple! 

Home Depot is the only place I've been able to find the Rustoleum Painter's Touch.  I haven't had any luck at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.

I love the fact that it makes everything look neat and organized on my night stand, which is always home to my glasses, whatever book I'm reading, lip gloss, and then of course my nightstand accessories.

I made this frame over Christmas (one for a gift, one for me).  You can find the full tutorial here at Shanty 2 Chic!

 Love how it ads a much needed pop of color and best of all it was free since I already had everything!


  1. i have a tray just waiiiting to be made over...i'm inspired.


  2. What a great tray. I love the color you painted it. I am hosting a blog party. The link opens up tonight at 8pm EST. I hope you will stop by and join in the fun.

  3. Staci, I too love the apple green, it is a very bright cheery color, and perfect. I also like to keep lipgloss next to my bed, among MANY MANY more books. I seriously have like 30 library, craft books on there right now, lol. Im kinda crazy like that!!!

    I am SOOO happy you came back to my little ol blog, and I hope you become a regular girl. :)

    Keep your eye out to see if you'll be FEATURED next week, in my new sidebar feature section. :)

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    THANKS so much for linking up to **AMAZE ME AUGUST**I love having you, and thanks to you, I'm getting close to my goal of having 100 link ups, YAYYY.

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Bella :)

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower! I'm revamping a tray currently that I found at Goodwill, hoping to post it on my blog soon. Hope you'll check out my blog and follow back!