Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paint - Before and Afters

Painting is done!!  I can't believe how different the house looks!  I absolutely love the colors.  You can read more about the colors we chose and the inspiration here.

I wish I had true before and afters.  The before pics were done with a wide lens camera, but you get the idea!

Here is the before of the entry/dining area:

After - Behr River Rock 730E-3 and Behr Castle Path 730C-3:

Before Dining Room:

And After - Behr River Rock 730E-3:

Before Living Room:

And After - Behr Castle Path 730C-3:

One thing we did in Handy Hubby's office is update the moulding around the top.

They had already done the hard part for us - all we did was paint in between to give the illusion of really thick moulding!

I want to do this around some of our baseboards!  House of Smith's has a great tutorial for chunkier baseboards.

Here is a close up!

Also a quick painting tip!

Handy Hubby picked one of these up at the store.  I thought it was a waste of money... until I tried it.  I will never paint without this thing!  We did not tape one wall.  Let me repeat that - NO TAPING!  I meant to take a picture of one of the lines.  It is crisper than with taping and saves SO much time!  This product is well worth the money!  You do have to buy the refills. We found it best to replace with a refill after every room or two but definitely worth it for all the time you save and how easy it is to use!  Genius!