Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dining Room Buffet Free Find!

What an exciting day!!!  Driving through the neighborhood today I spotted this beauty!  I immediately called Handy Hubby and told him I was swinging back around to pick him up because I needed his help loading!  He sort of rolled his eyes but came along anyway! :)

And guess what!  Totally free!  It also came with two matching mirrors.  So beautiful! 

Check out the detail on this thing!  Did I mention this was free?? Okay now to the important part.  What color to paint it??

I immediately thought of this white piece, which I love!  I think it would really make the details stand out.

BUT our dining room will look very similar to this piano room over at HOH.  I'm worried about the white on white.  SO...

I found this one that I think may work better with the rest of the room.  And I really LOVE it too!

What do you think??

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